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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours December 2018 Blog

So that is finally it, the end of Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours first full year as a business. Even though I keep saying it I have to say that it has exceeded all expectations. When starting up the business we really didn’t know what the take up would be and set what we thought were realistic targets for this first full year. The amount of weddings (smashed it), the amount of tours (smashed it), the total amount of jobs (absolutely smashed it) and the amount of Trip Advisor reviews (again smashed it). Of course we really didn’t take into consideration buying the second Tuk so now we have to realign all our targets to include this and set our 2019/2020 targets. Let’s hope nobody randomly emails me with another offer of a Tuk as I’ll find it hard to refuse!

Just to say that although we are mostly closed over the winter period, we are running on days where we have the flexibility to watch for good weather. This is the case where gift vouchers have been bought as Christmas presents and one of these very tours after looking carefully at the weather over the last week took place on Sunday 30th December (the most popular and famous tour of 2018) which was the 5 hour tour of the Cotswolds and a delicious Afternoon Tea included. What a lucky couple they were getting this as a Christmas present! Hope you enjoyed your presents just as much!

So if you do want a winter tour then please do ask and as long as your dates are flexible we can normally fix a date 3-4 days out.

Unfortunately the heater we ordered for Rick turned out to be the incorrect one so we are now just waiting for the replacement to arrive. When we say heater it’s not quite like a roaring log fire, but hopefully it will take the chill off and if we can fix the first one in we may well fit a second booster one!

The website is now in the process of being updated for the 2019/2020 season. The wedding hire page has been completed and the price structure has now changed. Although there has been an increase in the base price, it offers much improved value for money as the base price now covers you for 4 hours instead of just the original 2 hours. In reality for a 4 hour hire period the price has actually been reduced from £318 - £290 and includes an additional 10 mile allowance.

For Private Hire and special events this page has also been updated with Private Hire prices staying the same and the limited edition tours being fully updated with additional features.

The Fish & Chip Express has now been lengthened to include a stop at the Snowshill Arms for you to have a relaxing drink looking over some beautiful countryside.

The visit to the Lavender Fields has also been updated and now includes a stop in the village of Snowshill and this tour runs twice a day.

The Afternoon Tea Express and Full day tours will be updated in the coming weeks.

As we go into the New Year the Tuks will have further work completed on them to ensure that they are in peak condition ready for the 2019 season in which the first booking is 4th March (weather permitting).

Last year in January and February we took 10 wedding bookings so please make sure that if you have a date in mind you book early, as we have already had to disappoint a customer who wanted a Tuk for a wedding only to find that both Tuks were already booked out - don’t let this happen to you!

Keep your eye on the website for the new changes over the coming months and don’t worry I will be keeping the blog going over the winter.

So from Chris, Hannah Rick & Marion let us all wish everybody a healthy, peaceful and successful New Year for 2019.

As always check out the website for all the details of everything on offer! Join us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to keep waving or give me a beep!


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