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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours August 2018 Blog

It’s that time of the month again so here we go again with the now becoming famous Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tour Blog. It has been another outstanding month in August with an array of different tours all over the Cotswolds. As I said last month, please accept my apologies if I have been unable to fit you in during the month.

I found myself looking at the business model again….do we get more Tuks and drivers to accommodate these busy periods or not? After discussion we arrive back to the original point of the business and that was to offer a unique, bespoke, fun and very individual service by myself. That’s exactly what it is and exactly how I plan for it to stay. Expanding with other Tuks and drivers would just take away the real essence of the business. This has become more and more apparent to me as I continue to get the feedback from my customers who are saying exactly this, so I think I have got it just right and this is how it will continue.

Of course we could bring out our White Tuk Marion for tours, but again she will continue to be used exclusively for weddings only driven either by myself or my partner Hannah.

So please please if you have a special event coming up or are thinking of hiring the Tuks don’t leave it. We already have some bookings as far ahead as November 2019. This is particularly true for weddings and already 8 of the prime Saturday slots for 2019 are already taken (many with both Tuks).

As we write this it’s with massive anticipation of our next wedding with Marion at the Abbey on Saturday. Watch out for some great pics on a special Instagram post over the weekend!

After this the weddings continue with another 2 booked for later in September and then more in October / November (fingers crossed for an Indian summer).

During August we have started to use some new areas for our stops so please can I say a special thank you to the services of Smiths of Bourton, Sherborne Tea Room, De La Hayes in Bourton and the Victoria Inn in Eastleach for their excellent service and standards. As always thanks to the lovely ladies of Mr’s D’s Vintage Teas and all the staff at my most regular stop at the moment, the Tea Set in Broadway.

I have to say again thank you very much to those people who continue to take the time to write a Trip Advisor review on their experience as that really is so very important to my future expansion. We have had lots of recommendations and I have also now got my first repeat customer who came on a tour last year and she has again booked for September so that’s really pleasing.

As we mentioned last month we are still reviewing our options of what service we would like to offer over the winter months. It’s TBC at the moment as we look at whether we can keep out customers warm enough for a tour in the winter without offering unlimited brandy all the way round!

As always check out the website for all the details of everything on offer! Join us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to keep waving or give me a beep!



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