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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours September 2018 Blog

Here we are again as the months continue to fly by. It’s been a great end to the summer and it was brilliant to get my first repeat customer back who came on another trip with friends. With this I took the opportunity to have a look around a couple of different villages not currently on any of our routes in preparation for additional new routes next year and with this visited a new pub for lunch. It was certainly a hit with the girls and I plan to try it out with my family before making the decision to add it onto next year’s tours.

September also proved to be the busiest ever month for weddings over three Saturdays. And how very different they all were…

First it was the astoundingly huge and beautiful Tewksbury Abbey which when took my breath away inside. It’s the sort of place you see royalty getting married and the closest thing I’ve seen to Westminster Abbey. The setting for both the reception and the Abbey were fantastic. The Abbey is that big that whilst the wedding is going on the Abbey is still open to the public and as you can imagine with the Tuk parked outside the Abbey whilst the ceremony was going on it got a lot of attention.

Then it was a very rural trip to the church of St Oswald in Widford, Oxfordshire, which after going across cattle grids and a super bumpy path, finally brings you into the middle of a field to reveal the church. It’s the smallest church I have ever seen with seating for no more than 40 people. Then after the ceremony the majority of the wedding party walked through the stunning Windrush valley before the march along winding roads to the reception. Rick the Tuk was used to take the bride, bridesmaids and family to the church and then did shuttle runs for some of the members of the party from the church to the reception. Despite the rain everyone was in extremely high spirits.

The third wedding again challenged the Tuk with a trip up to Warwickshire - the route had to be carefully viewed prior to accepting the job. Again this was via a cattle grid then another bumpy track but then it turned to a kind of grass track which finally led to the church of Whitchurch St Mary. Again it’s a stunning place really remote, but a beautiful setting. This was a big surprise for the groom as it was arranged by his fiancée. He is a Tuk fanatic and initially she wanted to buy him a Tuk for a present until she found out the price so I was the cheaper option!!!

As I say to all my wedding guests, ‘Tuk weddings are forever weddings’.

Another great surprise was a copy of a painting that one of my customers, Brian Shanks completed of the Tuk and Snowshill Lavender (see below).

So this month there has been a noticeable change in the weather and the covers are now back on Rick for most trips. At the moment the first few weeks of October are looking very quiet. Later on in the month we have another wedding and then I am taking Marion to our first ever Wedding Fair at Upcote Barn so please come along and say hello. At the moment the new covers are certainly keeping customers dry and a good deal warmer so we are still pondering on when to shut down this year, so watch this space.

As always check out the website for all the details of everything on offer! Join us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to keep waving or give me a beep!


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