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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours June 2018 Blog

So happy birthday to Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours as we get to the end of the first year. I could never have imagined how popular it was going to become, and the way in which it has expanded with the second Tuk Tuk. I very much look forward to what’s ahead in the coming year as Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours continues to grow.

After the busiest month on record here is what’s happened and what we’ve got to look forward to in the coming months.

The wedding season started with two very different wedding bookings at short notice. The first was an Indian ‘Barat’ procession for the groom where an estimated 500 guests were in attendance. For the procession of the groom, the whole of the groom’s family surround the Tuk complete with ghetto blaster and a band and just dance and sing as the Tuk goes along. What an experience that was and I would like to say a big thanks to all the family and friends who gave me such great hospitality. I was even invited to breakfast prior to the ‘Barat’.

Then on the same day in the evening I was asked to transport revellers from a wedding reception at Sudeley Castle (what a stunning setting) back into their cottages, hotels and B&B’s in Winchcombe. It was interesting watching people as the night went on and other than a few revellers who needed a lift up onto the Tuk it all went very well and somewhere around 01:00 I ended up taking the bride and groom back to their suite.

All in all it was a great privilege to be part of both weddings and as well as wishing both happy couples the best of luck for the future I very much look forward to the dozen or so weddings we have lined up for the future.

The June tours have been fantastic and what with the weather, the covers came off at the start of the month and have stayed off. Long may that continue!

I have been keeping a close eye on Snowshill Lavender and towards the end of the month I have experienced the beauty of the Lavender Fields on a couple of tours. This destination will play in a big part in the July tours as it reaches its peak flowering season.

Pleasingly the referrals continue to come in and I get great satisfaction when people say I’ve been recommended by others.

Again a special thanks to both the Tea Set in Broadway and Mrs D’s Vintage Teas who play a big part in keeping my customers happy with their excellent service that both offer.

Also thank you very much to those people who have taken the time to write a Trip Advisor review on their experience as that really is so very important to my future expansion.

Check out the website for all the details of everything on offer! Join us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to keep waving or give me a beep!


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