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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours February 2019 Blog

Hello again and what a funny old month February is when you compare it to this time last year with all the snow and the ‘Beast from the East’. So what have we got to offer you this year you ask.

Great news for Rick with the heater now fitted and really does take the chill off so the season has indeed started earlier than planned. Well the website has now been completely updated with what’s on offer and in summary -

Weddings - After the experiences of last year we have now made the package much better value for money by increasing the mileage allowance from 50 miles to 60 miles and also the big change has been doubling the hire time from 2 hours to 4 hours. Marion our White Tuk has just been fitted with a brand new set of covers to ensure that on a typical British summer day you still get to the church completely dry. Coupled with the heater fitted, brand new fluffy blankets and umbrellas supplied you will arrive at your location as perfect as when you left your house. But of course Rick is still available for weddings and as always is proving popular. Also proving very popular is booking both Tuks and it looks like Hannah is going to be a lot busier this year with wedding bookings!! Sadly we have already had to turn down 2 summer weddings due to both Tuk’s already booked and I was very surprised whilst discussing another potential booking on the phone when I asked the gentleman which Tuk he preferred and he said he wanted 9!

The Afternoon Tea Express - This was by far the most popular tour last year which was what we expected, so this year in case anybody wants to do it again we have decided that along with the original route we have now devised a new route which includes a walk through the beautiful Windrush Valley and takes Afternoon Tea at Huffkins in Burford. The first tour of the year included both these new items and was a great success so I look forward to many more and indeed we have already got quite a few bookings for this tour already. We found that the 4 hour tour was simply not long enough and has been discontinued and indeed sometimes the 5 hour tour also fell short, so just to make sure you have ample time in each area it has been increased to 5.5 hours this year.

Full Day Tours - In many cases the ‘All Inclusive Tours’ proved too much food for some and others wanted to stop at a pub, so to make sure that each tour is 100% bespoke we have made the decision to reduce the price but to now make them non-food or drink specific. There are still 2 options for routes. Route 1 is similar to last year but now includes travelling through the beautiful honeycombe villages Stanway and Stanton where we take a small stop. Route 2 now includes the walk through the Windrush Valley. So now I will give you suggested stops but let each tour participant choose exactly what is right for their party. Again these offer fantastic value for money for a bespoke tour that you help design for your party alone. Also even if there are only 2 or 3 of you for a small exclusivity charge the Tuk can be yours for the whole day.

Special Events – The Fish & Chip supper tour has been upgraded to now include a stop and a drink at the Snowshill Arms as well as a fantastic picnic style Fish & Chip supper on Bourton village green. What better way to spend a balmy warm British summer evening!

The Snowshill Lavender tour which was a massive success last year will continue in the same format when the Lavender is close to its peak and we estimate that it will be for around a 4 – 5 week period so really don’t miss this. Unfortunately we can’t take advance bookings at the moment for this as the season is totally dependent on the weather and with the current climate who knows! We will update you with more info as the time gets nearer to the peak flowering season.

If the amount of bookings we have at the moment are indicative of how the season is going then it’s going to be a record breaking year for the business so book early to avoid disappointment.

As always check out the website for all the details of everything on offer! Join us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to keep waving or give me a beep!


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