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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours January 2018 Blog

So ‘here we are and here we are and here we go’ was what I used when writing the initial blog less than a year ago now when launching Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours and I’m proud to be able to say ‘here we go again’ in what promises to be another fun packed year for all my customers old and new.

Last year was an amazing experience and I had such a fantastic time meeting so many nice people along the way and there was never a day when out on a booking without people just coming over for a chat about Rick.

Everything that I trialled last year was a new experience. There was nothing like it around to benchmark and I was so pleased that it was all met with a positive response. Weddings, proms, the Cream Tea Express and the full day tours were all great. Most of the time we were lucky enough and the weather was with us but when it wasn’t, the covers and woolly blankets seemed to do their job and keep the customers happy.

At the weekend I took out a lovely couple who are looking to book the Tuk for their wedding in 2019. It was the first real trip out of the year and unbelievably the weather was a sunny 10 degrees and I went out for the first time in ages without the curtains on. It was great with the wind rushing through your hair and after the trip around they said that was exhilarating and that’s exactly what a ride in the Tuk is like and it’s really put me in the mood for the 2018 season.

So what’s on offer for 2018 you ask –

Well of course weddings are still available and at the same 2017 price.

Proms also available at the same 2017 price.

Last year’s Cream Tea Express proved very popular indeed and after starting to upgrade and use Mrs D’s Vintage Teas this proved to be a great success. I am slightly changing the name of this in 2018 to the Afternoon Tea Express. Last year’s prices were £45 for a 3 hour Cream Tea Express or £50 for the Afternoon High Tea option. But I found that to really enjoy the fantastic experience of the afternoon tea it was taking a while longer and it meant less time for touring than originally planned, so this year there is a choice of either a 4 hour or a 5 hour option which includes the soon to be famous delicious Mr’s D’s Afternoon Tea which is served to you picnic style in the sunshine. Or on a not so sunny day snuggled up in the Tuk under the fluffy blankets. Prices this year for this fantastic option are £55pp for the 4 hour trip or £65pp for the 5 hour trip. So yes, that is a £5 increase but you do get an extra hour for that £5 so in fact it works out even better value for money than last year.

The full day 8 hour tour also proved popular, so this will continue with some slight changes but continue to be great value for money. As we tried different routes and found even more places to stop it turned out to be nearer 9 hours so the plan this year is have a £5 increase but again give you that additional hour to make it £95 pp. Including a pint, and fish and chips, customers didn’t go home hungry and this will continue to be on offer this year. This year there will also be a choice of tour routes.

New and on trial for 2018 is the Fish & Chip Express which to start is a 3 hour evening tour. The introductory price for this will be £40pp including the Fish & Chips and will run in the main part of the season May – August. Times are flexible dependant on customer requirement and will start around 17:30. This tour will start and finish in Bourton on the Water.

The initial plan is to open for business on Saturday 17th March but if spring comes early then for one off events I may take earlier bookings, and if you’re in the area for Cheltenham Races extend your stay and spend some of your winnings and have a tour on the tuk!

So if you haven’t tried it then 2018 is that time.

Join us on Instagram and Facebook, check the website out and don’t forget to keep waving!


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