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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours June Blog

“IT’S OFFICIAL” at last I can now officially say a very warm welcome to Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours. This blog is about the celebration of finally achieving my initial goal of being issued a driver and an operator licence along with a vehicle licence for Rick. This is the completion of an epic journey starting with the initial concept that began in 2014 during a visit to the cinema and watching the film ‘Mrs Browns Boys’. The amount of obstacles that I have had to overcome has been phenomenal and I have to say I’m quite proud of myself for this achievement.

If I did have any doubts about the business then these were very quickly dispersed when I completed my first wedding on Saturday 3rd June. They say you always remember your first and I certainly will! To start with I had the opportunity to transport two sets of the groom’s family from Buford hotels to Fulbrook. The families were just told they would be picked up from their hotel and the surprise on their faces was just fantastic when I turned up in Hawaiian gear with the Tuk. What was even more amazing was that one of the family was a Thai lady and she gave the seal of approval saying it was just like at home but much safer, pleased that I kept all three wheels on the ground whilst cornering… and the presence of seat belts as there are none of those in Thailand. All these I took as compliments! Then it was onto the main event where I just turned up at the church during the ceremony as the Tuk was a surprise for the remainder of the guests. When the wedding party emerged from the church it was great that so many of the guests wanted to see the Tuk. Even the vicar came over and coincidentally he knew my partner Hannah and joked that maybe I should pop over to the vicarage one night for a chat! Anyway after the church photos I took the happy couple from the church to the Warwick Hall in Burford along with their photographer for the day. After this I took the bridesmaids and page boy, followed by another two journeys with family and close friends. What a great start to the business venture and to sum it up –

- I met loads of new people

- The sun was shining so topped up my tan

- And I got paid for it! can’t get much more job satisfaction than that can you?

So where do we go from here? Well the next booked job is a prom at Eynsham Hall and there is talk of a guest appearance at Upper Slaughter Fete in early July so come along and meet myself and Rick. Now we have the licence the next advert is in the Cotswold Link for July. Along with this a big push is planned on social media during July and I aim to double the amount of Instagram followers during the month, so if you’re not already following then please do.

We can now also do private hire trips so if you’ve got a special occasion why not take the Tuk instead of a standard taxi for an afternoon or evening. Then it’s advertising for the Cream Tea Express and the full day tours both of which you can buy gift vouchers for, so have a look at the website for full details of what’s available.

So… what’s it to be, the Tuk or Taxi?


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