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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours May Blog

Hello to all you Tuk Tuk fans out there. Here we are with another month flown past and the business is really starting to come together - although we have experienced a slight delay in the licencing (due to the local elections) which has kept us in a low gear when we were just ready to go. However as a family we continue to travel around on the Tuk having loads of fun, and this sunny weather is what the Tuk was built for.

At last we now have a fixed date for the licencing application. On 19th June 2017 Rick (fingers crossed) will have his actual private hire badge and be able to wear it with pride.

Last month we mentioned that as of 1st May 2017 we were available to take wedding and civil partnership bookings. At the same time we put an advert in one of the local magazines and now we have our first wedding booking of the year! I’m afraid that to avoid hundreds of Rick’s fans turning up I have to keep the venue secret! I’m not quite sure who’s the most excited the bride and groom or me. Preparations are underway for the wedding and I have a very special little number to wear for the wedding! I am hoping to share pictures both on the website and social media soon after the wedding. I’m not going to harp on about what’s coming but please take the time to look at the website to get a full understanding of what’s going to be available. As well as the wedding booking I have taken a prom booking for July, so it’s true what they say about the power of advertising. At the moment we are very quiet on social media mainly because we don’t want to turn people away due to the licencing committee delay.

Anyone following us on Instagram would have known that we also did our first celebrity pick up from Kingham station a couple of weeks ago!

So June is the month we have been waiting for. The licence that will allow us to expand the business to where we dreamed many many months ago. It will allow us to kick off the advertised services on the website and will instigate our push on social media to make everyone aware that we are now in business.

The website is now 95% complete and all the information you need should be available but please use the ‘Contact Us’ link to ask any questions or give me a ring.

As we keep saying why not take the tuk instead of the taxi! And give me a wave if you see me!


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