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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours March 2018 Blog

Well it’s finally here! No, not spring, the 2018 Tuk Tuk season! One of my first tours includes an outing that combines a full day tour with Mrs D’s fantastic vintage afternoon tea. My customers are coming all the way from the north of England and are using the Tuk as part of a birthday celebration, and I’m not sure who’s more excited me or them!

As I mentioned last month the Tuk now has had a brand new set of rain / wind covers so no matter what the weather throws at us this year combined with the new extra fluffy additional blankets everyone is going to be dry, snuggly and warm on every outing.

Interest for weddings has now greatly increased and since the start of the year we have 6 confirmed weddings booked for 2018/19. Unfortunately since starting the business I have turned down several opportunities for weddings that have just been too far to make them cost effective both for me and the customers. But I really hate having to disappoint people who want a Tuk for their special day… so after interest from a customer in Birmingham I have now decided to purchase a trailer which will allow the Tuk to be towed to venues and enable me to branch out further afield.

In other exciting news, on the back of tremendous interest for weddings and a chance email from a fellow Tuk lover in Sunderland, we have decided to expand the business with a new Tuk which is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks to work alongside Rick. This is an especially modified Tuk which is going to be used exclusively for weddings and has been christened Marion. She is another 100% genuine Thailand Tuk and a thing of beauty, albeit slightly smaller than the original Tuk and seats a maximum of 3 people. There’s nothing I can say to explain just how popular I expect her to be so just wait for the photos and make your own minds up! Marion will work either solo or jointly with Rick for weddings. It will give customers the option of having a smaller bespoke Tuk or the original Rick which carries up to 6 people at a time. Of course some may want the use one Tuk for the marrying couple and the second for either bridesmaids / best man / ushers. As soon as we take delivery we will update the website/ social media with pictures to let everybody know.

At the time of writing this we have had artic blizzards in recent weeks, and looking outside the garden is being hammered with rain. But I’m sure we have the spring weather coming, we have the Tuks, the delicious cream teas, some fantastic tour routes and this is without doubt the most unique way to see the Cotswolds, in the open air. So make a booking soon as dates are quickly being taken.

Check out the website for all the details of everything on offer!

Join us on Instagram and Facebook, check the website out and don’t forget to keep waving!


Marion the tuk tuk

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