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Cotswold Tuk Tuk Tours October Blog

Hello again all you Tuk Tuk fans as I find myself repeating from last month “as the very first Tuk Tuk season draws to an end” I will use the excuse that I’m new to this game and therefore underestimated just how popular it was going to be. No sooner have I completed a job and I’m thinking the season is nearly over and then another one comes in. Each request will be reviewed but I’m thinking at the end of November I may have to enforce a break or end up getting some Christmas decorations for Rick!!

Earlier in the year it was shorts and t shirt and the new sunglasses but now it’s getting to hoodies, coats, and balaclavas. The warm blankets are really coming in handy and I’m always looking at options for keeping customers even more cosy.

So far I have met some fascinating people and had tours with people from all over the UK, America, Canada and Singapore. As I sat in front of Cotswold District Council back earlier this year I could have never imagined how it was going to start. I can honestly say that there isn’t one that I haven’t enjoyed and I can genuinely say that all who have travelled have thought the same.

Looking ahead I already have confirmed bookings for next year and look forward to more following.

Another surprise for me was finding out that most people are finding me on Trip Advisor which is actually the cheapest form of advertising (it’s free). Reviews have continued to come in and the 5* standard is being maintained.

Due to the initial feedback I am going to make some minor changes to the current tours which will make all the tours even more exciting and even better value for money, with some brand new tour routes so watch out for these!

Don’t forget the gift vouchers for the Cream / Afternoon Tea Express along with vouchers for a full day tour are still available. What a Christmas present for your Secret Santa!

More and more people seem to wave now so just another reminder to keep waving or beeping when you see us!


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